How to install Viber on a PC step-by-step instructions

Viber is a popular instant messaging app that allows you to make free voice and video calls, send messages, photos, and videos. It is compatible with various devices, including PCs. Installing Viber on your PC is a simple process and can be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Download Viber

In order to install Viber on your PC, you must first download it. To do this, go to the Viber website and click on the “Download Viber” button. You will be prompted to select your operating system. Select “Windows” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download.

Step 2: Install Viber

Once the download is complete, you can begin the installation process. Double-click on the downloaded file to begin the setup process. You will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully and click “Accept” if you agree.

Step 3: Create an Account

Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, you will be prompted to create a Viber account. You can do this with your existing phone number or by creating a new phone number. Enter your phone number or create a new one and click “Continue”.

Step 4: Verify Your Account

Once you have created your account, you will need to verify it. Viber will send a verification code to your phone number. Enter the code in the provided field and click “Verify”.

Step 5: Enjoy Viber

Once you have verified your account, you can start using Viber. You can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and use all the other features that Viber has to offer. Enjoy!


If you encounter any issues while downloading or installing Viber, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check that your internet connection is working properly.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Viber.
  • Check your antivirus software and firewall settings.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your device.
  • Restart your device and try again.

If you are still having issues, contact the Viber Support Team for help.

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