Update Google Chrome on your computer

Google Chrome is updated several times a year, and each updated version of Google Chrome should be slightly better than the previous one. Updates are necessary to ensure that the functionality of the programs meets the ever-growing requirements of users. Some innovations are very successful, others cause questions and criticism – this is a natural process of improving any software.

Under normal conditions, Google Chrome is updated automatically, but if you want, you can do it manually.

Why update Google Chrome

Chrome is the most used browser in the world. Such popularity is based on the most convenient functionality, which becomes better with each new version.

The tools and options of the browser are constantly and carefully improved to provide users with maximum comfort of use. Abrupt changes are always perceived as difficult, and small and gradual ones are much easier. On average, updates are released approximately every 2-3 months – this is the optimal period so that people have time to master the innovations and are ready for a new version of the browser.

There are no rigid schedules for the release of updates, developers create and release them based on the general situation on the Internet, which depends on many factors – the emergence of new functions, the identification of problems in the browser itself, the activity of competitors.

How to update your browser

Google Chrome updates on both computers and mobile devices by default occur automatically, in the background. But this process takes up a significant part of the device's resources, which can slow down its work for a while.

If you don't want to encounter this, you can turn off automatic updates. The new version is easy to install manually, and you definitely will not miss its release.

To do this, a convenient color system of color indication has been created, which notifies about the release of the update and reminds that it is time to install them.

You choose whether to update Google Chrome automatically or manually.


In order to see the availability of updates, open the browser and hover the cursor over the icon of three vertical dots – this is "Setting up and managing Google Chrome":

  • If the green is on, no new packets have been checked for more than two days;
  • Yellow – more than four days;
  • Red – at least a week.

To update Google Chrome to the latest version, you need to click on the "three dots" → "Help" → "About the Google Chrome browser".

Check for updates in Chrome
Checking the version of Google Chrome

In the same place, in the "About the Google Chrome browser" you can see which version of the browser is now installed. Quick Link – chrome://version/

Automatic Updates

To automatically update Chrome on computers, you need to close the browser and restart the PC. In this case, the new version is downloaded and installed from the official website of the developer on the computer without user intervention at all.

Automatic Chrome Update
Automatic updates of google chrome browser

Update procedure on your phone

On android devices with standard settings, chrome update is performed as follows:

  • Go to the Play Store, find a button with three horizontal bars at the top left and click on it;
  • Here you need to select the tab "My applications and games";
  • Find the Google Chrome icon, find the "Update" button in front of it and click on it.
Chrome Update with Android
Update Google Chrome on your Android device

After performing these steps, the browser begins to update, this process takes several minutes.

Starting with version 76, Google Chrome for Android OS can be updated in the browser settings. To do it, click on "three dots" and select "Update".

Update Chrome on iPhone:

  • Go to the AppStore;
  • Scroll down to the "Updates" tab, open it;
  • Here we find the Google Chrome icon;
  • Specify the password for the Apple ID account and the automatic download of the distribution kit begins with subsequent installation.

It is recommended to repeat this procedure every 2-3 months, as new versions of the browser are released.

can i revert to a previous version

Most Chrome users are accustomed to the regular release of updates and treat them calmly. But some innovations turn out to be very controversial, they cause many questions and claims.

As a rule, updates improve the program, but they are not always convenient for a particular user. And there are always people who categorically do not like the new version, they want to use the old, familiar one. Even if the update concerns only a small change in the interface and the movement of some tools, for some users the changes in the new version of Chrome may be critical.

Therefore, users want to undo the changes made without their consent, and return what they liked.  In Google Chrome, such a possibility exists, but this process is a little more complicated than accepting updates.

To roll back to an older version of the browser, we'll need:

  • Delete the current version with all the history.
  • Disable updates.
  • install the old version.

In Windows, write the word "uninstall" in the line next to the "Start" button (or inside the "Start" menu, depending on the version of the operating system) – go to "Add or Remove Programs" – find Chrome and click "Uninstall".

To disable updates, go to the C:Program Files (x86)GoogleUpdate folder and rename the GoogleUpdate.exe file.

For example, rename it to GoogleUpdate1.exe.

On your phone, you can disable updates through Google Play → swipe to the right → Settings → Auto-update apps.

Or: Settings → System → Advanced → Software Update → three vertical points → Settings → Auto-update applications

Old versions can be downloaded from the database:

For computer: https://freesoft.ru/windows/google_chrome/versions

For Android: https://chrome.ru.uptodown.com/android/versions

What to do if Google Chrome is not updated

Difficulties with updates may periodically arise in mobile versions on Android devices. This is usually due to updates in the Play Market. To fix the problem, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings;
  • Go to the Applications section, find the Play Market;
  • At the top right we find a button with three dots, click on it;
  • Remove the updates.

After that, the chrome on your mobile device will update to the latest version.

If Chrome does not update on the PC, you first need to perform the simplest step – close everything and restart the computer. Many keep the computer turned on for days and even weeks in a row, and Chrome needs to restart the device to install updates.

If that doesn't work, update your browser manually.

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