Block ads in Google Chrome

Annoying advertising in the browser interferes with work, slows down the PC, loads RAM. Remove this problem permanently or disable pop-up banners, advertising messages can be for a while.

Google Chrome has built-in ad blocking settings that must be properly enabled and configured. Additionally, you can use free applications that can be downloaded from the Google store or from the developer's website – Adblock Plus, AdGuard AdBlocker, Ghostery, uBlock Origin or uMatrix.

Is it possible to block ads in Google Chrome

Some types of viral advertising are difficult to track with the help of standard browser tools. Every day there are new bugs and scripts that are written in the launch elements as original applications. It is difficult to identify such viruses, you need a high-quality cleaning of the OS and the browser itself. In some cases, it's easier to reinstall Chrome completely anew than it is to deal with the problem.

To reliably get rid of advertising messages in the Google Chrome browser: it is better to use several blocking options – built-in Chrome features and third-party plugins.
Special ad blocker programs update virus databases daily and can track down a malicious program that runs annoying ads.

Blocking options

Google Chrome tools provide a way to protect against pop-up ads, but often this plugin does not cope with the threat and you need to install an additional ad blocker application and scan your PC for viruses.

Disabling pop-up windows through browser settings

In some cases, the problem is solved simply, especially if the browser is installed recently and there were no downloads and installations of programs and applications from third-party sites. You can turn off pop-up ads in a few simple steps:

  • go to the Chrome settings menu (click on the three dots in the upper right corner);
  • in the menu click on the "Settings" directive;
  • then "Additional";
  • in addition to the on and off functions in the menu there is a section "Content Settings", go to this directory;
  • find "Pop-ups";
  • turn on the "Block" mode.
Customize pop-ups
Pop-up blocker in Google Chrome

It remains to agree with the changes "OK" and exit the settings menu. If the problem is not solved, then you need to look for the cause of pop-up advertising in manual mode.

To do this, you need to remove sites that broadcast advertising. Go to the settings – enter the chrome://settings/content/notifications command in the address point of the browser and get into the list of settings. We need a "Permissions" clause. In a large list of sites we find those that broadcast advertising. To do this, right-click on the line with the site and select "Delete" from the menu.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

In the Google Chrome browser, you can install the original extension for blocking from Google developers. Today it is an improved and supplemented utility for Chrome Software removal tool, after testing it received a new name – Chrome Cleanup Tool.

You can download the utility for your version of Windows on the official Google website.

How does this browser cleaner work:

  • run Chrome Cleanup;
  • the program searches for suspicious, from the point of view of Google applications and viruses;
  • if malware is found they are shown in the list and Chrome Cleanup Tool offers to remove them;
  • after cleaning and removing the dangerous software, the browser will start and be prompted to reset the settings;
  • agree and restart Chrome.

It's important to remember that a factory reset will disable all extensions, remove tabs, the shortcut page, search options, and the home page. All settings will have to be performed again.

That's not to say that this option to remove ads on Google is effective. The list of programs to which it reacts is small, basically bugs from will be blocked and removed, which is clearly not enough for high-quality blocking of ads in the browser.


The best ad blocking extensions that work correctly and effectively in Chrome are Adblock and AdGuard. You can download the extensions on the Google apps website.

AdGuard is a shareware utility, you can not pay for the use of the test version only during the trial period. According to the quality of protection against all types of advertising, it is considered the most reliable blocker.

Adblock is a free application with wide functionality, finds and neutralizes the most common types of pop-ups, videos, prevents unwanted downloads.

Installing the Adblock Extension

After the extension is downloaded and installed in Chrome, it must be enabled and configured.

Downloading and configuring these utilities are performed according to one algorithm:

  • go to the browser menu;
  • find the item "Settings";
  • then "Additional tools";
  • then "Extensions";
  • find the right blocker, put it in the on mode.

In these plug-ins, it is possible to add to the list of exceptions sites for which the blocking of advertising is prohibited. To turn the application window on and off, you do not have to go to the settings every time. It is enough to right-click on the application icon and select "On", "Off" or disable the blocking of ads on this site in the menu.

Virus scanning

Malware and bugs are often disguised as system applications of the browser and blockers simply "do not see" them, taking them for original content. Browser ad stop plugins do not remove virus programs, blocking ads, banners, inscriptions and pictures can spontaneously turn on at any time after restarting the computer.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus
Using Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Get rid of viruses will help install a reliable antivirus. And as an urgent help, the free utility Dr.Web CureIt, which does not require installation, is suitable.

What to do if the usual methods do not help

If, after downloading programs from different sites on the Internet, the PC is seriously infected with viruses, then you need to completely uninstall and reinstall the Google Chrome browser. It is important to remember that the uninstallation must be complete, with the removal of all program settings prescribed in the operating system. Such removal is conveniently performed using the program Ccleaner, Avast or Ashampoo Uninstaller Free. On your smartphone, you can safely uninstall the application using the free AppCleaner program.

It is important after uninstalling the browser to restart the PC, download the new version of the browser for your OS from the official google chrome website and install the browser.

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