How to transfer bookmarks from Google Chrome to Yandex browser

Many users add frequently visited sites to their browser bookmarks. But there comes a time when, for various reasons, you have to change the already familiar browser to another. At this stage, the following problem arises: the new browser may be faster and more convenient, but it is absolutely clean and does not contain the necessary bookmarks.

What to do, to create them anew? No, you can transfer bookmarks from Google Chrome to Yandex Browser. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how to do this in different ways.

Is it possible to transfer bookmarks from Google Chrome to Yandex.Browser?

Of course, you can, and not only bookmarks.

In addition to bookmarks, you can also transfer your history, recently opened tabs in Chrome, passwords, cookies, and your preferred search engines.

However, what exactly will be transferred depends on the chosen method (when importing from an HTML file, only bookmarks will be transferred) and on your desire: you yourself can tick which data to transfer and which not.

Bookmark Manager in Google Chrome
Bookmark Manager in Google Chrome

Order to import bookmarks

There are several ways to import bookmarks, ranging from automatic transfer at the first launch of the browser, and ending with special import buttons, of which yandex.Browser has several, and they partially duplicate each other's functions.

Let's consider each method separately in the corresponding section.

Manual import

You can move bookmarks manually:

  • From an HTML file.
  • directly from Chrome.

The most time-consuming and imperfect way is to import from an HTML file.

When you transfer bookmarks from an HTML file, only bookmarks are imported and nothing else: no history, no passwords, no recently opened tabs.

The only advantage of this method is that, if desired, the same method can transfer bookmarks from Yandex to Google Chrome.

First of all, we need to export bookmarks to Google Chrome, that is, go to Chrome and download all the bookmarks from there to a separate file.

Here's how to do it:

  • Open chrome bookmark manager.
  • to do this, you can press "three points" – "Bookmarks" – "Bookmark Manager" or the quick key combination Ctrl+Shift+O;
  • In the Bookmark Manager, click on the three dots on the blue background and select Export Bookmarks.

Yandex.Browser also has a bookmarks manager, and it is also opened by the Ctrl+Shift+O combination, and the export button in it is also hidden behind three points.

Bookmark manager in Yandex.Browser
Bookmark manager in Yandex.Browser

The import button is hidden behind the same three points. Click it and specify the path to the previously saved HTML file.

A more convenient way is to import them directly from Chrome: by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B, open the Yandex.Browser bookmarks panel and click "Import bookmarks" on it.

The same result can be obtained if:

  • click on the three bars in the upper right corner;
  • select "Bookmarks";
  • click "Import Bookmarks".

A window will appear in which you can choose from which browser and what kind of data to transfer: whether only bookmarks or also passwords and everything else.

Automatic migration

Automatic import occurs during the first launch of Yandex.Browser. Helpful assistant Alice will begin a step-by-step setup with the help of leading questions: what wallpaper you want to choose, what theme to put, etc.

In particular, it will offer to transfer bookmarks and other data from Google Chrome. You will be required to:

  • select Google Chrome from the drop-down list;
  • click "Transfer data";
  • click "Restart Now".

If you did not want to communicate with Alice, and immediately jumped into the browser, then, most likely, she will transfer the data without asking. In this case, a window will appear in the upper right corner: "Data Transfer. We've migrated your settings from Google Chrome."

Import bookmarks into Yandex.Browser
Import bookmarks into Yandex.Browser

To stop automatically importing settings:

First, even at the stage of the initial configuration of the browser, when Alice asks you about the transfer of data, you can click "Do Not Transfer".

If you still clicked "Transfer Data", then the "Cancel Transfer" button will immediately appear next to it.

In addition, a "Data Transfer" pop-up window appears in the upper right corner of the browser, where there is also an "Cancel" button.

If this train has already left, then the last way remains.

Note: the method described below is taken from the official Yandex technical support page, but for many users it does not work.

Open Yandex.Browser:

  • in the address bar write browser://activation/
  • then click "Configure";
  • select the browser from which the settings were imported;
  • click "Do not tolerate".

Yandex.Browser Settings

If you get an error on the browser://activation/ page, it means that you will not be able to cancel the transfer. It remains either to delete the imported bookmarks manually, or to reinstall Yandex.Browser. To do this, remove it using standard Windows tools ("Add or Remove Programs"), selecting "Remove" rather than "Reinstall" when uninstalling, and checking the box "Remove browser settings". And then install it again.

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